Ships & Maritime

Ship's barometer and model sea chest Square-rigged vessel and two-mast gaff-rigged schooner

Need a gift for a man? Not another tie, CD or bottle of alcohol - Men need a sense of adventure, something to let them dream of authentic exciting experiences, away from the office and work.

The Wundertüte offers attractive typical male gifts especially in the world of seafaring and maritime.

Bench with ships

Authentic Model Ships

Historical square-rigged vessels such as the `Bounty´, the `Victory´, three-mast full rigged ships, two-mast gaff-rigged schooners, whale catchers à la Moby Dick, the Titanic´s life-boat, flat bottom boats with leeboards, Danube steamboats, motor boats, J-class racing yachts, lightships, Indian canoes, crab cutters just to name a few.

Nautical Instruments and Dutch Botter

Nautical Instruments and Gear

Messingsextant in Mahagonischatulle Replicas of historical brass sextants, brass compasses and telescopes, world clocks, tide clocks, ship's bell clocks, quartz clocks with radio sectors, barometers, steering wheels, model lighthouses, machine telegraphs, anchors, knot boards, knot ropes and handbooks, map magnifying glasses, ship bells, porthole mirrors, fog horns, pirate and sailor figures, bottled ships, hour-glasses, signal whistles, ship lamps....

More Presents for Men

Historical model planes, such as the German Fokker triplane the ` Red Baron ´, the British biplane `Jenny ´, original multi-tool sets, exotic penknives and torches, radio pilot designed wirelesses, historical globes, decorative dice boxes, playing card boxes, storm lighters, petroleum brass lamps......

Radio pilot wireless, knot handbooks, ships bells Model plane `Jenny´, collectors´ items

... and much more. Come and see yourself.