Selection of fantasy musical boxes Handicrafted balance figures

Facts and functional things govern the world - only at first glance. Secretly we are driven by visions, dreams and emotions. Wouldn´t it be wonderful to let these come alive if only for a short time and to let our creativity run free, the elixir of life? Dreams train visionary thinking. Visions help us survive the daily rut and are the key to maintaining the ability to mould our own future away fom routine´s cul-de sac.

Allow the Wundertüte to help you step into your world of fantasies and dreams.

Smokers from the Erzgebirge Hand-painted and  hand-carved jumping Jacks

For Indoors:

Delicately worked marionettes; hand-painted and hand-carved wooden jumping Jacks; amazing see-sawing glass birds, harmonious wind chimes; fantasy and high quality musical boxes; unusual blackboards for the home; whimsical smokers from the Erzgebirge; fine storm-lanterns; 38 kinds of aromatic oils; aesthetic aromatic oil burners; handicrafted balance figures; sparkling colourful handmade jewellery from Israel; glistening glass stones...

Colourful magic wheels Stone birds made of granite and stainless steel

For Outdoors:

ludicrous stone birds of glacier-rounded granite and stainless steel, colourful rotating multiple magic wheels, fantastic quality wind-sleeves, tasteful watering cans ...

And at Christmas and Easter:

Over 200 different advent calenders - comical, nostalgic, creative, as well as selected Christmas tree decoration. Colourful hand-painted eggs, Easter table decoration....

Advent calenders in our Christmas window

...and much more, such as homemade honey. Come and see youself.