Bunzlau Ceramics

Breakfast student service in design `Starry sky´ Large coffee service in design `Peacock´s eye´

Bunzlau ceramic is beautiful: It is practical, longlasting, styleproof and tastefully timeless. Those whose heart is in homemaking valuing the daily use of beautiful ceramics as family tradition, love this crockery. Whether one is young or old, manager or family father, student or grandparent, it appeals to all age groups.

Flower garden, flower pot and candlestick in design `Blue pokerdot´

Tradition und Quality

Bunzlau crockery is based on a 500 year old Lower Silesian pottery tradition and on the high-quality light-coloured clay extracted from the Bunzlau Naumburg clay basin. Bunzlau crockery is no ordinary pottery, it is made of finest stoneware. Total sintering is achieved by firing at very high temperatures between 1230 to 1280 degrees centigrade rendering the ceramic hard and dense, particularly durable, highly chip resistant and heat proof. Bunzlau crockery can be used in the oven as well as in the microwave. The glazing is dishwasher-proof and free of cadmium and lead.

Small and large terrine and sauce-boat in design `Peacock´s eye'

Origin, Stock

The Regensburger Wundertüte imports its original Bunzlau ceramic directly from the manufacturers where manifold shapes and sizes and designs are produced. Of these we have selected the most beautiful as our standard stock. We store some 50 parts of crockery each in seven different designs which can be wonderfully combined according to taste. We most probably offer the largest selection of Bunzlau ceramic west of the rivers Oder or Neiße. We have commissioned the `Bunzlauer Keramikfabrik´ to produce most of our ceramics. This largest factory has evolved out of several old Bunzlau manufacturers destroyed during the war, i.e. from the former clay pipe factory Hoffman. Today Bunzlau or Boleslawiec lies in West Poland halfway between Dresden and Breslau. The small town once shot and bombed to pieces has been rebuilt by our European neighbours. The Polish potters have continued the old lower Silesian handicraft with a great sense of tradition. As customer you benifit from their skill and the advantageous prices.

Salt & pepper, egg-cups and jam-pot in design `Star flower´


All the ceramics are hand-decorated. This is done by using a fine paintbrush and sponge stamp. Once the prefired cast ceramics have been painted they are immersed in a top glaze and fired a second time, thus enhancing the ceramic with a glistening transparency. The Regensburger Wundertüte holds seven different Bunzlau designs the most traditional being `Peacock´s eye´, `Goose eye' and `Goose eye with frieze'. The seven designs are depicted below, four with a blue background three with an off-white background.

Ordering and Shipping

We will gladly send your crockery to your home. You can order your Bunzlau ceramic catalogue e.g. per e-mail. Choose your crockery in the peace and comfort of your own four walls, fill out the order form in the catalogue and either fax it or post it to us. You will recieve your crockery within a week. Of course you are more than welcome to visit our shop by the Stony Bridge, just to browse or be advised on combining different designs or compiling your individual service. You can also find a few special forms of ceramic not included in our regular stock.

Pitcher, slim medium, in seven designs
Designs stocked by the Regensburger Wundertüte
Coffee cup, dinner plate and coffeee pot in design 'goose eye' Coffee cup, dinner plate and coffeee pot in design 'floweret'
'Goose eye' 'Floweret'
Coffee cup, dinner plate and coffeee pot in design 'goose eye with frieze' Coffee cup, dinner plate and coffeee pot in design 'star flower'
'Goose eye with freeze' 'Star flower'
Coffee cup, dinner plate and coffeee pot in design 'starry sky' Coffee cup, dinner plate and coffeee pot in design 'blue pokerdot'
'Starry sky' 'Blue pokerdot'
Coffee cup, dinner plate and coffeee pot in design 'peacock's eye'
'Peacock's eye'