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Bunzlau Ceramics Ships & Maritime Day-Dreams

About us

1. The Team

Ilse Neumüller Roland Kollert
Ilse Neumüller
social worker, artist
* sales, purchase, decoration *
Roland Kollert
physicist, sailer, beekeeper.
* purchase, technique, PR *

Mary Adam Lesley Ray Nicole Kraus Andrea Schlett
Mary Adam
pharmacist assistent
* sales *
Lesley Ray
music teacher,chemist
* sales *
Nicole Kraus
social worker (Dipl.-Päd.)
* sales *
Andrea Schlett
student of criminology
and research on violence
* sales *

2. The Business

View from the Bridge Tower over the rooftops of the old town It all began with a small handicraft shop `Wundertüte´ (meaning bag of wonders) in Bremen in 1983. But two Regensburgers who once as students had emigrated to the northern coast fulfilled a dream of returning home. So in August 1985 they opened a `Wundertüte' in the heart of Regensburg´s old town in a historical gabled roof house on the corner of the Brückstraße/ Goldene Bärenstraße by the Stony Bridge. (right picture, centre).

View into the Regensburger Wundertüte

Some prophesized that this project would be short lived - the Regensburger Wundertüte is not a chain store and also no ordinary handicraft shop. The Wundertüte is unique - aesthetic, individual - an oasis for sight and soul. Glittering kaleidoscopes, melodious musical boxes and whimsical `smoker ´figures fascinate young and old. Memories of Granny´s Bunzlauer coffee service, forest honey, students acquiring their very first piece of the ceramic service, men immersed in a world of maritime adventure, model ships, sextants and nautical knots. The Lord Mayor buys himself a sea chart and a pair of dividers - all of this and many other wondrous treasures is the `Wundertüte´. Curious? Would you like to look around?
Christkindl Market Chicago 1996
The Wundertüte has many friends beyond Regensburg. The regular clientele come from the whole of Bavaria including Munich. Numerous visitors from northern Germany keep popping in when on business trips or vacation to see what´s new or to add something to their collection. Tourists from all over Europe and USA make a point of revisiting whenever in Regensburg.
Wundertüte stand at the Regensburg Christkindl Market 2001

Since 1989 it has become a tradition for the Wundertüte to be represented at the Christmas Markets in Bremen and Chicago (upper picture, right, see x) and now of course in Regensburg at the historical Christkindlmarkt at the Neupfarrplatz (left picture). One can amble along the various picturesque stands to the scent of `Glühwein´ and `Bratwurst´ at this annual event from the Thursday preceding the first of Advent through till 23rd of December.
The 'Wunderzille' at the whirl pool race 1999 The Wundertüte is regularly involved in supporting the further development of the old town. It is a founder member of `Faszination Altstadt e.V.' and played a leading role in establishing the Brückturm museum on the Stony Bridge (1996-2000). From the top of this tower one has a unique peripheral view of the old town, bridge piers and whirlpools of the Danube (pictures below). More information can be obtained from the Arbeitskreis Donauschiffahrtsmuseum Regensburg e.V.
The Wundertüte also takes part in the town festivities such as the legendary whirlpool race in 1999 where it came third as orange sailed `Wunder-Zille´ the gallion figure being none less than the manageress herself. (right picture). At the `Fest im Fluß 2000 ´ the Wundertüte team produced a ship´s beer garden with draught beer, `Bratwürste´ from Frankonia and homemade potato salad served of course on Bunzlau ceramic plates.

View from the Bridge Tower over the Stony Bridge and whirl pool View from the Bridge Tower to the East down the river Danube - on the right the roof of the salt shed, on the left the Danube island 'Unterer Wöhrd'

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