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Bunzlau Ceramics' Ships & Maritime Day-Dreams

Town view of Regensburg Emblem of the Regensburger Wundertüte

Regensburger Wundertüte

Handicrafts   *   Day dreams   *   Bavarian souvenirs
* Specialist for Bunzlau stoneware and nautical gifts *

* On the Stony Bridge *
Goldene-Bären-Str. 12   *   D-93047 Regensburg

Phone +49 941 58714     Fax +49 941 35103

E-Mailing the Wundertüte

In front of the shop with Ilse Neumüller and Roland Kollert

We are there for you:   Mo-Fr 10-19 Uhr     Sa 10-18 Uhr

Site of the Regensburg Wundertüte in the Altstadt

Where to find us in the Altstadt